Transforming a Generation of Adolescence to Adulthood

There is no question that today's teenage males face serious crisis, but in the midst of these realities, we believe there is reason for hope. From our working with teens over the past years, we are convinced that the emerging generation of young men will rise to the occasion. Support and guidance can ensure that transition through difficult life circumstances will develop contributing members of their communities, but it will take all of us to rally and support them.

Youth Development

Focusing on the needs of the whole person to enhance the whole man like achievement, self-confidence, technical aware ness and application, artistic development, athletic talent, and spiritual growth.

  • Youth
  • Educational Leadership
  • Personal/Community Empowerment
  • Community Development
  • Advocacy
  • Health/Physical well being
  • Economic Empowerment and Stability

Seminars/Workshops/Training Sessions

  • Nutritional Services/Health Care Awareness
  • Durg Awareness Workshop
  • Substance Abuse Sessions
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Workshop
  • Constructed Group Sessions with Counselor or Individual
  • Foster Care/Parenting Education Training (Pride Certified)
  • Behavior Modification Program
  • and much more..........

Rebuilding Communities

The best strategy for rebuilding communities is a community empowerment approach that views their members as partners in the rebuilding process.

          "Our Future

           Leaders and Men of Honor"